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Are you ready to grow your business with Google advertising? With formal training from Google Staff & Partners, we've got the strategic planning ability to set you up for digital success. Schedule your free 15-minute consult call to learn more about the additional business opportunities that you could be capturing...

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Google Search Advertising Campaigns are used to promote your business at the exact moment that customers are searching for what you have!


Basic search campaigns are made up of ad groups, keywords, and text ads. See the campaign structure example. These ads link to your website landing pages. The advertisements are Text-Based ads that appear next to Google search results when people look for products and services that you offer...


Best part? You only pay when people click to visit your website or call your business.

"Ally I'm Visual, what does it look like?"

Glad you asked... 


ally payette marketing and advertising

Text Ad Example on a Mobile Phone



We start by identifying key business "goals." Each goal becomes a campaign. Goals can include local branding campaigns to gain awareness, sale promotions, increasing email list subscribers & more. 



We set the targeting of your new ads using specific keywords or phrases that people might use to find you. We can also target by interests, online behavior (like business industry or shopping habits,) and demographics including age, gender, location, and proximity. We can get really creative.


Playing “set it and forget it” with your Google Ad campaigns is never a good idea. Analyze your account 3-4x weekly to optimize your keywords, update your ads, check your bids and budget, landing pages, and much more. Account maintenance is the key to success! If you're not interested in managing the ads yourself, I am glad to offer you account management services. 


To learn more about Google Search Advertising, Dynamic Search Advertising, Display Advertising & Remarketing, contact me today!

Ask yourself...

"How much would I pay to show my Ad to someone actively shopping my competitor?


You’ll choose a daily budget that works for you, and then we’ll launch your ads! If you're not sure what you should be spending on Digital Advertising or PPC, I am happy to provide a recommendation. Digital Ad budgets are typically based on a daily spend amount, which can vary by +/- 20%. Expect to spend at least $10 per day, for 60-90 days if you really want results.


Here is the best thing about Google Adwords: Your results are completely trackable! Rather than throwing $2500 per month into Print Advertising, reduce the Print Ad size and try spending just $500 of that money on Google Adwords. Once you see how much money you've been leaving on the table, you'll be sad... but hey, now you know! Nine times out of ten, I see clients increase their Adwords budget after 60 Days because of the results it's producing for their business.  

Brand Your Business Online

Display Advertising is the perfect way to get your name in front of a targeted & relevant audience. 

Show Up In Search Results

Search Advertising is one of the most powerful tools to connect you with new customers when they need you most.

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