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Hi, I'm Ally Penrose.

I help small businesses with Web, Design & Marketing. 

Mobile Web Design

Simple, effective websites &

graphic design.

I can also help with marketing and social media. Let's talk about what I can do for you. 

Some of my recent work...

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about me

My name is Ally Penrose and I'm a Digital Marketing specialist located in Palm Coast, Florida. I've got a serious passion for web design and love working with others to help them create a website that truly reflects what they have to offer! When I'm not designing websites, I teach local Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Investors how to manipulate the internet, and make educated marketing investments & decisions in today's tech-heavy business world. I take a hands-on approach with my clients to provide a very strategic, personalized experience. 


I bring thirteen years of experience in Digital Marketing,  Advertising & Real Estate. Throughout college, I focused my studies on Graphic Design, Photography & Business Management. During that time, I accepted an Account Management Position at an Advertising Agency in New York which piqued my interest in Digital. I was fortunate enough to receive formal training on Google Advertising & Analytics Platforms alongside Google Staff and Partners. That experience provided a crash course in every aspect of the internet, and how to make it work in my favor. 


That's just the beginning. I'd love to chat more about how I can put my experience to work for you. Given the opportunity, I'll find the best solution for you based on your specific needs and your budget. Every business is different, therefore, so is every web solution. I look forward to providing you with a quality, cost-efficient option that is sure to meet your needs.


Want to know more about my experience? Check out my resume.



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my approach

My approach is simple & straightforward...

1. Define your website & design needs. Is the site for business, blogging, photography, etc.? 

2. Determine if you want your site public or private (searchable online or password protected.)

3. Do you need a logo, custom graphics, or photos? Or will you be providing the image files?

4. Do you plan on selling products or services through your website?

5. Do you have a budget in mind for your website? If so, please share!


Supplying the answers to these questions up front keep design time & costs to a minimum!

Contact me below to request a free quote. 


Contact me below

Or schedule a call here


If you're looking for an outsider's perspective on your digital marketing efforts, I'm happy to help. 


If you would like a website or design quote, please provide as much information as possible for a quick turnaround.

Call or Text: (518) 630-8762

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other services


| Logo Design & Branding 

| Graphics & Banners

| Signage & Promotional Items

| Flyers, Brochures & Business Cards

| Print & Digital Advertisements

| Social Media Graphics

| Product Labels

| Mailers & Invitations


| Google Ads | Search Advertising

| Google Ads | Display Advertising

| Geofencing (Local) Digital Advertising Campaigns

| Retargeting Campaigns

| Social Media Advertising & Marketing




| Easy-to-Manage Small Business Websites

| Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

| Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

| Website Lead Tracking & Optimization

| Mobile Marketing Optimization




| Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy

| Market Research & Brand Development

| Email Marketing & Automation

| Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

| Salesforce Database Management

| Data Segmentation & Reporting

| Lead Generation Strategy

| Lead Nurture

| Operational Structure

About Me
Web Design Smudge.png

recent clients

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