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Partnership Program

Partner Benefits

Have help when you need it, not when you don't.

Almost all small business owners could use a little help with marketing from time to time... but that doesn't mean you need a full-time marketing person! Included with the 2020 Partnership is the first hour of design/marketing services per month, to be used toward any of the following; Website Changes/Updates, Graphic Design, Stationery/Print Design, Social Media Graphics, Flyers, etc. (Basically anything marketing related - a $75+ Value) Guaranteed deliverable turnaround within 48-72 business hours. Once you're signed up, you'll simply request your project here.

Save yourself some $$$ when you need that extra bit of help.

Have a big annual project or quarterly marketing push? By becoming a partner, you'll lock in a discounted rate of $50 per hour for any work needed after the first two hours included each month (more than 30% discount off of my regular hourly rate.)

Give yourself the most precious gift of all, TIME.

If you're a partner with a WIX website- I will host your site on my WIX account, meaning I'll handle all of the billing, domain renewals, annual plan renewals, and registered ownership- saving you time, which saves you money. (Because time is money, duh.) 

Have additional questions? As always, contact me at any time.  

"I've started the Partnership Program to ensure that all of my clients have marketing & graphic design help readily available, at a fraction of the cost of an extra employee. Consider me your outside marketing expert, here to help when you need it!"

-Ally Penrose

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2020 Marketing Partnership 
Could you use an on-call, tech-savvy marketing liaison for your small business? Sign up for my 2020 Marketing Partner Program!
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